This work package addresses users, i.e. consumer (B2C), user (B2B) or government (B2G), but also stakeholders like retailers, or interest organisations and other NGOs. Social and behavioural practices have to be considered as they may make or break circular value propositions. Awareness creation in the public and corporate domain is of high importance. A focus on users is then necessary, of course including end-users, but also on other actors in the value chain. The core research question here is: How can we stimulate, facilitate and motivate circular consumption by understanding the involved behavioural and practice aspects?


To answer this question, we need to address psychological, behavioural and social practice related aspects. This is done by both addressing various user groups and product-service segments, as well as addressing how companies can consider these insights in their value proposition development. The research may lead to both new product-service development as well as innovative marketing and branding strategies.


The specific research projects are:

Lead: Prof. dr. Casper Boks


Prof.dr. Casper Boks is Professor of Design for Sustainability at NTNU’s Department of Design, as well as Vice-Dean for Research and Innovation at NTNU’s Faculty of Architecture and Design.