about circ€uit

The Circular European Economy Innovative Training Network, Circ€uit, is an action funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska Curie Action 2016 (Grant Agreement number 721909).


The goal of the Circ€uit Network is to train 15 young researchers in the field of Circular Economy. Our mission is to develop a cohort of future leaders in research, policy and business through an innovative training programme focused on an interdisciplinary approach to Circular Economy. This will further develop this field and establish a network of young professionals that are well educated and understand the multidisciplinary nature of this field. This will enable the implementation of scientific understanding into business and societal reality.


The transition towards a more resource-efficient society is a core goal of governments in Europe and worldwide. The European Parliament recently adopted an ambitious new Circular Economy Package to boost competitiveness, create jobs and generate sustainable growth1.Circular economy comprises an integral approach to a resource efficient future, necessitating cooperation of all stakeholders along the value chain. To achieve this, the further development of circular, service-oriented business is especially promising and will be the focus of the proposed research. This links product and service design, supply chain management, manufacturing technologies, product and service use, product treatment at end-of-life, and business models and strategies such as portfolio management and branding.


Simultaneously, economic, societal and environmental aspects must be taken into account. To understand and optimally exploit the potential of a Circular Economy, not only advances in the abovementioned fields are needed but, above all, mutual understanding and interaction between the disciplines involved. The future leaders that our network aims to educate will require a fundamental understanding of these interactions in order to be able to make a difference.

Autumn School in Cranfield, UK. September 2017